The Way Forward

The Way Forward is the working title of a new novel upon which I have started to work. It features the magical world and characters created by J.W. Rowling in her fabulous Harry Potter books. It focuses, however, on three of the lesser characters and how they move forward after the events of Rowling's seventh and final novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I am writing this novel purely for my own enjoyment and that of anyone who should stumble upon it on the web and decide to read it. I do not intend to attempt to profit from it nor do I intend to try to find a publisher for it.

I recognise that Ms. Rowling owns the characters and the magical world she has created. If she or her legal representatives should contact me and demand that I take this developing novel down from my website, I will of course do so. I won't stop writing it since I find myself enjoying immensely this new, creative way to spend more time in that magical world but I will stop posting it in public.

In the meantime, I intend to write new chapters of this novel on a regular basis and to post them here as they are written and revised. I welcome your comments and any corrections you may wish to suggest, should I slip up on some detail regarding Ms. Rowling's world. Needless to say, the three characters upon whom my book focuses (George Weasley, Aberforth Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall) will develop throughout this process and I will indulge myself in some creative license in that development. I trust no one will be too offended by the decisions I make.

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